Hedgehog House Hibernation Box


Give hedgehogs a helping hand with this charming and practical Hedgehog House.
If you love seeing hedgehogs playing in your garden then this is the product for you, especially useful during the colder months when they need to hibernate.
Safe; Features a predator baffle guard to help keep adult hedgehogs and their babies safe from foxes and badgers
Dimensions: (L)34cm x (W)28cm x (H)22cm
Material: Fir Wood
Material thickness: 1.5cm
Camouflaged; Keeps the hedgehogs safe and out of sight with its green roof
Durable; Made using durable wood and features a waterproof roof, pre-treated with hedgehog-safe water-based varnish to ensure it survives the elements of British weather
Educational; Encourages children to learn about wildlife
The ideal place to put your hedgehog house is out of direct sunlight and winds, preferably in a dry area such as under shrubs or behind sheds. These are areas that hedgehogs would naturally choose to take shelter, so this will increase the chances of hedgehogs inhabiting this house.
The hedgehog house is made of durable fir wood and features a pitched roof that helps water runoff. It is also covered with a durable waterproof roofing felt, tacked down so cannot peel off in bad weather, to ensure the product lasts and to keep the hedgehogs safe and comfortable in their new habitat.
The house comes with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy assembly and comes with all the screws needed, along with an instruction manual.
Simple Assembly required
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