4 Piece Floor Cleaning Set – Mop, Bucket, Outdoor Brush, Indoor Brush




You Receive a full set including:
1 x Mop
1 x Matching 10L Bucket with Removable Wringer
1 x Outdoor 1.2M Handle 30cm Wooden Head Hard Bristle Garden Yard Brush
1 x Indoor Soft Bristle Brush

Mop & Bucket
This combination mop bucket and mop are specifically made to use in general cleaning areas
10 Litre Capacity – Perfect for Hardwood, Marble, Linoleum and Tiled floors
Made from Hard-Wearing Plastic Material
Built to last, this cleaning bucket was moulded from high-quality plastic materials.
Removable Mop Wringer – A dual-purpose cleaning bucket on which the mop wringer can be removed as needed and can also be used as a normal bucket.
This mop bucket with wringer allows an easy squeeze to cleaning mops and removes any excess water before applying to the floors.
Hole on the handle’s tail, can hang up for easy storage
Great Design – a sturdy handle with a comfortable grip, and a built-in clip at the wringer where you can easily snap the mop in place, this mop bucket has everything you need.
Hard Bristle Outdoor Brush
The Garden Brushes offer a classic design that will make short work of clearing up your patio or driveway.
Designed to be used outside in any condition, the broom’s wooden head offers greater sweeping coverage and is set with long, hardy bristles that will cut through most waste.
The long handle means that sweeping can be undertaken without fatigue or back ache, with a handy hook at the end of the broom allowing it to be hung up in your shed or garage when you’ve finished making everything look clean and tidy.
1.2M Handle – Get the patio and driveway swept up in no time
Easy to fit screw threaded handle – Can be used in wet or dry conditions
Indoor & Outdoor Use – Stiff Green PVC Bristles
Top Quality Soft Sweeping Brush in Latest Pastel Colour heads
Ideal Kitchen Broom
Perfect for Tiled, Laminate and Wooden Flooring.
Soft Bristles Collect Dust and Won’t Mark the Flooring
Lightweight – Making The Broom Easy To Use
120cm Strong Metal Handle – Simply twists Together
32cm x 8.5cm Broom Head Size – Offers a Great Fill and Bristle Coverage
7.5cm Bristle Length
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