Wicker Umbrella Rack Stand


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<p><span style="color: #2e2e2e; font-family: Poppins, sans-serif;"><b>Wicker  Umbrella Holder</b></span></p> <p>This umbrella holder stand is an attractive way to keep umbrellas tidy and concealed, yet conveniently to hand, when you&#8217;re heading out.</p> <p>This handmade bamboo Umbrella Basket Stand will not take up any space and will fit nicely in the corner of your living room, kitchen or hallway. Ideal for home, office, entrances, and reception areas.</p> <p>Suitable for dry, wet umbrella and walking sticks.</p> <p>Bamboo Umbrella Basket Stand</p> <p><span style="color: #2e2e2e; font-family: Poppins, sans-serif;">Handmade</span></p> <p><span style="color: #2e2e2e; font-family: Poppins, sans-serif;">Ideal For Home, Office, Entrances, Reception Areas</span></p> <p><span style="color: #2e2e2e; font-family: Poppins, sans-serif;">Suitable For Dry, Wet Umbrellas &amp; Walking Sticks</span></p> <p><span style="color: #2e2e2e; font-family: Poppins, sans-serif;"><b>(Height) 49cm x (Width) 25cm</b></span></p>
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