Promaster Plus Deluxe Electric Golf Trolley


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<p><b>BRAND NEW PROMASTER PLUS DIGITAL POWER ELECTRIC FOLDING GOLF TROLLEY CART 36 HOLE BATTERY</b></p> <ul> <li>FREE SCORECARD HOLDER</li> <li>FREE 36 HOLE BATTERY</li> <li>FREE BATTERY CHARGER</li> <li>FREE 12 MONTH GUARANTEE</li> </ul> <p>ALUMINIUM ELECTRIC FOLDING GOLF TROLLEY CART LIGHTWEIGHT, STRONG &amp; STURDY</p> <p>3 different buttons lets the trolley keep rolling by itself for 10 to 20 or 30 metres then stops</p> <p>BRAND NEW STOCK (Please be careful not to be mistaken for cheaper, graded, refurbished, seconds or customer returned models)</p> <p>One chance to get this ultimate expensive golf trolley at an affordable price.</p> <p>This trolley is equipped with the latest gearbox that draws the minimum amount of battery energy that keeps the motor running smoothly and longer.</p> <p>DIGITAL READING &#8211; 36 HOLE BATTERY AND CHARGER INCLUDED<br /> 20 DEGREES CLIMBING CAPABILITY &#8211; MEMORY KEYPAD FEATURE</p> <p><b>ALL SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE</b></p> <p>PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED WITH LESS POWERFUL MODELS WITH CHEAPER BATTERIES</p> <p>12 MONTH MANUFACTURER WARRANTY</p> <p>THIS TROLLEY WILL PULL AT AN ANGLE OF EXCESS OF 20 DEGREES, NOT THE 15 DEGREES MOST ADVERTISE</p> <p>FREE SCORECARD HOLDER &#8211; BRAND NEW MEMORY KEYPAD FEATURE:</p> <p>2 different buttons lets the trolley keep rolling by itself for 10 to 20 metres then stops</p> <p>Features</p> <ul> <li>EZ COMFY HANDLE</li> <li>ADJUSTABLE SPEED SWITCH</li> <li>FORWARD &amp; BACKWARD MOVEMENT</li> <li>FOLDING</li> <li>EZ STORAGE</li> <li>POWERFUL</li> <li>STRONG</li> <li>LONG LASTING</li> <li>CHARGER INCLUDED</li> <li>BAG STRAPS</li> <li>FITS ANY SIZE BAG</li> <li>QUALITY BRAND BATTERY PACK</li> <li>EASY CLEAN QUICK RELEASE SOFT RUBBER WHEELS</li> </ul> <p>THIS TROLLEY USES A 200w MOTOR COMPARED TO OTHER 180w AND 160w INFERIOR MODELS<br /> HIGH STREET RRP: £269.99 &#8211; £349.99<br /> SPECIFICATIONS</p> <p>12 Volt 33AH DC Battery<br /> Fully Rechargeable<br /> 200W POWER<br /> 1,800R per Minute<br /> Wide 75 mm Tyre Width<br /> Can carry over 20kgs<br /> 6-8 hours charge time<br /> 20km Average travel distance per charge<br /> 36 hole charge life<br /> charger; 3 pin plug &#8211; 100v AC &#8211; 240v<br /> 6 km/h MAX SPEED</p> <p>DIMENSIONS (mm): 1,320 x 570 x 920<br /> FOLDED DIMESNIONS (mm): 820 x 570 x 320<br /> MAXIMUM SPEED: 6km/h<br /> PROMASTER PLUS &#8211; SPORTS TOUR SERIES<br /> Electric Golf Trolley (Wide Wheel base)<br /> quiet motor</p> <p>Easy to control rotary power switch with fingertip adjustment<br /> Puncture proof tyres</p>
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